According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ephemera refers to "paper items (such as posters, broadsides, and tickets) which were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles."

The alternate definition given by the dictionary is "something of no lasting significance".

Items like guide books, pamphlets, and flyers were meant to be used to communicate details during a visit and then discarded after that visit had ended.  Post cards, buckslips, guide maps, coupon books...they all played an important part in advertising The Fair and its many amazing offerings to visitors.  

Fortunately for future generations of World's Fair fans, some visitors understood the significance of these items and held onto them as souvenirs of their visit to the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

In this permanent gallery within The Hall of Preservation, I invite you peruse my collection of ephemera.  While this collection of pamphlets, postcards, and other papers from the 1964-65 New York World's Fair is far from complete, I hope you will enjoy this ongoing and always growing exhibit...where "small pieces of paper can tell a big story."

Please select an area of The Fair to begin exploring my collection.  If you'd like to see a directory of which pavilions were located in each area, click here to have the Information Desk pull that list for you instantly!

Should you have items or high-quality scans of items you would like to contribute to this ever-developing exhibit, please visit the Information Desk and select the "Contribute" option from the menu.

The Ephemera Gallery is being built at this time.  Check back again later.