Adult medulloblastoma

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July 8, 2019
adult medulloblastoma

Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant cns tumor that arises from the cerebellum. It is the most common primary malignant intracranial childhood neoplasm, accounting for 25 of all childhood tumors. 200 more than 80 of medulloblastomas are diagnosed in children during the first 15 years of life, the median age at diagnosis being 5 years.

В  adult medulloblastoma tumors can invade other parts of the brain and spinal cord.

В  medulloblastoma is a highly malignant embryonal tumor which commonly arises in the cerebellum. It is relatively rare and accounts for less than 2 of all primary brain tumors. The tumor primarily occurs in childhood however, rarely, it may be found in adult population.

It is important to seek expert recommendations from a neuro-oncologist with experience in adult medulloblastoma. Treatments are decided by the patients healthcare team based on the patients age, remaining tumor after surgery, tumor type and tumor location.

In adults, medulloblastoma represents only 1 of all malignant brain tumors. It typically affects younger adults (between 20 and 40 years of age). Only about 200 adults are diagnosed with medulloblastoma each year in the united states. Doctors have identified three subtypes of adult medulloblastoma.

В  late relapse is common among adult patients with medulloblastomas, and long-term follow-up monitoring is important.

Medulloblastoma is relatively rare, with an estimate of 400 new cases diagnosed in the united states in 2017. 1 although rare, medulloblastoma are among the most common malignant brain tumors in children, accounting for about 6. 1 although most commonly diagnosed in children, medulloblastoma can also occur in adults.

This group was created for adult patients diagnosed with medulloblastoma and their family and friends to provide information on this type of brain.